“Irma Uuskallio can not be defined as a representative of one art movement only. There are linkages to several styles such as cubism and fauvism. Her technique is expressive or mostly expressionistic with a touch of realism. The movement of her brush strokes is original and uniformly rhythmic. Her colour world again is abundantly Mediterranean in a scale of glowing bright. Her works varying in themes are simplified, often with inherent abstract levels. Colours inspire the painter, and they represent emotional components which have symbolic meaning. The paralleling of colours is also harmonious and creates purely aesthetic experiences. Colours and colour combinations appear without ceremony and design, intuitively.”

(Olavi Suomela, Finnish painter,art educator: 2007 )


Kauppalankuja 3 D, FI-00320 Helsinki
Mobile: +358 50 584 5721
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