Artist, Ph.D. urban researcher

Vyborg Artist's Society, chair 2004 - 2012
Vyborg Artist's Society, vice chair 2013 -

Contacts Kauppalankuja 3 D, FI-00320 Helsinki
Phone +358 9 5876 516, mobile +358 50 584 5721

Personal data Born in Helsinki

Managing dir. Eino Uuskallio and Kerttu (nee Penttinen),
from Vyborg.

Graduation, Finnish Business College, M.Pol.Sc. 1969, Univ. of Helsinki.
Licenciate degree in Pol. Sc. 1991,
Ph.D. 2001 University of Helsinki

Art studies: Private studies and courses from 1986
(i.a. Kalliola Institute's courses of the visual arts)
Teachers among others Harald Arnkil, painter, lecturer in chromatics, theory of colours, Academy of Art, Finland
and Eeva Salonen, art educator, painter
Continuing studies:
- Carl Wargh Water, Colour continuing studies 2009-2012, Helsinki
- Katie Hawkinson, Lead Instructor, Advanced Painting. Stanford Continuing Studies,
Stanford University, Kalifornia, Berkeley from May to June 2010

Main technique of painting: oil, water colour

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