Works of art in public collections
  The Church of Meilahti, Helsinki 2009

Memberships in art societies
  The Society of Watercolour Art, Akvarellitaiteen yhdistys ry. 2001-
The Vyborg Artists’ Society, Viipurin Taiteilijaseura ry. 2003-

  Decoration of the Order of the Lion in Finland, 2003

Articles on arts
  Vyborg Artists' Society 1930-2005, Preface of the jubilee publication, ‘On the History and Spiritual Heritage of Vyborg and Karelianism for Artists’ (Irma Uuskallio 2004)

Scientific publications
  Studies, publications and articles of e.g. organisations improvement and the cultural sustainability of cities.

* Dissertation: Prestigious Dwelling Places, the socio cultural analyses of Helsinki in 1900s. University of Helsinki 2001, (publ. Of City of Helsinki Information Center) 307 pages. Link to the summary. Link to an abstract of the Article in Yliopistolehti 19/2001.

* English Summary (2002) of the Dissertation, University of Helsinki (2001)

* FE 85 National overview on distressed urban areas in Finland, Finland's report on Distressed Urban Areas; OECD Group on Urban Affairs, abstract, Review of Ministry of the Environment 1997.

* "City districts became name brands", Comment Yle Teema TV-Channel 9.11.2001/Jari Kirsilä.

* "How residential areas became name brands", Interview HS Metro 8.1.2002/Marja Salmela.

* City dwelling "Sacred Palces" - prestige of dwelling places in Helsinki. Link to article on page Rakennusperintö.fi, Publication of Ministry of the Environment 'Rakennusperinnön tulevaisuus', comments on the themes of the year, Ministry of the Environment, Rakennustieto, 2003.

* Change in the prestige of dwelling places in 1900s. Article in the part of the publication 'Asuinalueiden suunnittelu ja julkinen säätely' in Oma koti, private house living in Finland. V. 2004 Rakennusperintöpäivät. Suomen Kotiseutuliitto, 2004.

  Researcher and designer The Finnish Hospital League (1969-1975)
General secretary and deputy director, Central Union for Child Welfare in Finland (1975-1980)
Secretary for international affairs in Ministry of Interior, later Ministry of the Environment,
Senior adviser from 1992 (city research, improvement of environment, 1980 - 2004)

Distinctions: Decoration of the Order of the Lion in Finland 2003

  Woman Association of constructive living NARA, board member 2002-
Huopalahti parish board member 2003-2010
The Vyborg Artists’ Society, chairman. 2005-
The Vyborg Artists’ Society, deputy chairman 2004-2005
Vyborg-Association deputy chairman 2007-2009

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