In my own words

’Each life is a journey to one’s self’ (Herman Hesse)

”My paintings are created spontaneously and with no prior sketching. They may be fierce or sensitive, strong or fragile, sublime or ordinary, but always personally experienced depending on the situations offered by life itself. The paintings reflect my state of mind, appreciations and thirst for beauty with the emphasized themes of growth respecting life. They also bring up the strength and role of womanhood as the builder and maintainer of life.

After a long career as a researcher I have realized that the most significant aspects of my own life are not in career or accomplishments, but in the unique experience of life and in openly expressing the best of my feelings. The world of colours provides here an excellent channel for expression. For me this is a great richness. At its best, painting gives positive energy and joy, which I should like to share with others.

A spark of creativity was kindled in me already in my childhood home which offered many opportunities for experiencing beauty. There was music as an important element. I am grateful to my parents and ancestors from Vyborg for the cultural heritage of Karelia they passed on to me. For this reason, the membership, and chair since 2004, in the Vyborg Artists’ Society have been very meaningful to me. In the world today, I believe, more and more immaterial values are needed: goodness, love, and understanding. Beauty connects these concepts. The search for beauty is a lifelong journey, a kind of pilgrimage, difficult, but worth pursuing."

Irma Uuskallio



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